~ 2017 Dreams Schedule of Events Saturday Sunday ~

The Grand Pavilion Stage The Den of Wonders Special Events (and Location)
10:30 Queens of D’Nile 10:00 – 10:30 Afrit Temple (Front Gate)
10:45 Kristin Rebecca ~ Celtic Harpist 10:00 – 10:30 The Naga (Front Gate)
11:00 Green Man March (Saturday Only)
11:15 The Giggle Guardians Knights Battle (Knights of the Fiat Lux)
11:30 Craicdown Glass Blowing (Artificer Glass)  by George-ann Greth
11:45 Faerie Ring Theater
12:00 Goblin Tea Party (Children’s Glenn)
12:15 Wonderful Wizard Waz ~ Guitar
12:30 Boom Boom Shake Equestrian Archery (Elysium Field) by The Sword Circle & Flying Hooves
12:45 Colorful Waves: The Mermaid who Wanted to Dance
1:00 Glass Blowing (Artificer Glass)  by George-ann Greth
1:15 The Giggle Guardians Dragon Story Time (Children’s Glenn)
1:30 Jessica Star Knights Battle (Knights of the Fiat Lux)
1:45 Faerie Ring Theater Mermaid Amara (Children’s Glenn)
2:15 Queens of D’Nile Fairy Tea Party (Children’s Glenn; Ticket Required)
2:30 Cu Dubh Glass Blowing (Artificer Glass)  by George-ann Greth
2:45 Gandersnitch, the Goblin Barber
3:00 Knights Battle (Knights of the Fiat Lux)
3:15 Afrit Temple
3:30 The Joust (Elysium Field) by RoundTable Productions
3:45 The Giggle Guardians
4:00 Sekengard Glass Blowing (Artificer Glass)  by George-ann Greth
4:15 Kristin Rebecca ~ Celtic Harpist Fairytale Field Day (Children’s Glenn)
4:30 Archery Competition (Archery Range) by The Sword Circle
4:45 Colorful Waves: The Mermaid who Wanted to Dance
5:00 Born Again Heathens
5:30 Glass Blowing (Artificer Glass)


Wandering our Lanes…12717788_1556985107952474_4933059027329311854_n

Gandersnitch, the Goblin Barber

Puss ‘n Boots

Spark the Fairy

Thimbleberry the Woodsprite

Paolo Garbanzo ~ Juggler

The Dragon Riders, and The Great Dragon


The Children’s GlennXP2S4073-hiRes

What to do at the Children’s Glen:
Free to All:
Come to Gandersnitch’s Goblin Tea Party
Visit the Pinwheel Garden
Help Color the Giant Lion
Take a Rest at the Wee Ones Tent and Play Area: Change diapers, breastfeed, have a bit of quiet time, play in the Toddler Zone (under 4 only)
Cast your Wish into the Wishing Well
Find the Center of the Maze
With the $3 Activity Pass:
Join the Scavenger Hunt.  Solve the clues, wander the festival, collect all the jewels and win a prize.
Compete in Fairy Tale Field Day.  Win medals and prizes in Musical Mushrooms, Mermaid Sack Race, Tower Takedown, Lily Pad Smash and more.
Take Pictures using the props and backdrops at the Photo Booth
Make Cool Crafts.  Spell Pouches at the Fairy Apothecary, Design your very own Magic Wand, Decorate a Lantern Nightlight, Bead a Suncatcher
Play Carnival Games and Win Prizes! All the classic games with a storybook twist.
Special Event: Fairy Tea Party
Learn about Fairies, Have tea with real China, Decorate a Fairy Door, Play games, Take home a special goody bag (magic fairy dust, seeing stone, fairy teaspoon).  Limited to 20 children each day.  Ages 5+, Lasts 75 minutes, parents don’t have to stay.  2:15 pm each day, $15 (Included with Family VIP pack!)