The Festival of Legends will return in April, 2018 for our 7th annual event!

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Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/festivaloflegends

Questions? Email us at festivaloflegends@gmail.com


The Festival of Legends is a celebration of the mythic arts and the magic of life itself. It is a playground for the imagination – for children as well as adults – and an escape from the mundane world. It is a journey to the romantic by-gone eras that never were, and an exploration of the fantastical realms that have always been. The natives are magicians and musicians, acrobats and comedians, artists and crafters, proud knights and fairytale creatures. Step into the Festival of Legends, and step into a place of wonder.

The theme for this year’s Festival of Legends is “Dreams” and you may have noticed that our logo this year includes the iconic silhouette of the dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatchers, which originated with the Ojibwe people, are traditionally based around a willow hoop on which is woven a web, often in a repeating pattern, and is then decorated with meaningful items such as beads, shells, and feathers. The dreamcatcher spread throughout neighboring tribes through contact and trade and was later adopted by many more tribes during the Pan-Indian movement. Today, dreamcatchers can be seen everywhere that Native artifacts and crafts are seen… sometimes in ways that are culturally appropriative and insensitive to the culture the originated from. The issue of appropriation of Native culture and the misuse of religious artifacts in pop culture is what led us to pen this open letter to our supportive public.

Festival of Legends is first and foremost a production dedicated to the preservation of mythology and folklore. What has come to be a weekend long, joyous occasion for artists, performers, and attendees started as a dream to promote immersion in non-mainstream cultures. The Festival celebrates all people and holds the deepest respect for the culture of the American Indian.*

Our choice in design this year was deliberate. This event began as a bright and shining dream amidst darkness and has survived the bright light of day and reality to become six years of a haven for the wild, weird, and wonderful. We at Festival of Legends watched the unfolding of events at the Dakota Access Pipeline protest with horror. The threat to historic tribal lands, the negative environmental impact, and the human right violations that received limited news coverage in our media until September of 2016 were in direct opposition to the principals that founded this event.

Care has been taken to shape this year’s logo in a way that respects the traditional meaning of the dreamcatcher. The patterns do not deliberately mimic any sacred design, and our goal was to add symbols of imagination and change that we hope will convey our respect for the varied, multicultural traditions of the Native cultures of this continent. The Festival of Legends will be donating to the Native American Rights Fund (http://www.narf.org/). We hope that our organization can continue to be a place where the preservation of mythology and folklore inspires others to continue the preservation of traditional cultures and ways of life.


*As of 1995, according to the US Census Bureau, 50% of people who identified as indigenous preferred the term American Indian, 37% preferred Native American, and the remainder preferred other terms or had no preference. We respect this percentage for the naming conventions we use in this writing but understand the there is -at the time of this publication- no fully accepted term to refer to the Native populations of this continent as a whole.