Volunteers & Sponsors

2018 Sponsorsdr.barringer1

If you are interested in sponsoring our 2018 event, please contact us at festivaloflegends@gmail.com

We deeply appreciate contributions from the following in helping bring another Festival of Legends to life:

Enchanting Smiles Family Dentistry

The North Carolina Songwriter’s Co-Op CoopLogobig

Tent and Event, Inc


Apex Comfort Inn

The Poster Guys


We will soon be accepting applications for 2018 Festival of Legends volunteers!


2018 Festival of Legends Directors

Jeff PicEvent Producer/Lead Organizer: Jeffrey Kass performed for a total of thirteen years with Renaissance Festivals in Michigan and the Carolinas, and he taught in North Carolina’s public schools for fifteen years as a ninth- and tenth-grade English teacher. He is a member of the Southeast Festival & Events Association and the North Carolina Association of Festivals & Events, as well as an ordained minister. In 2012, he opened the Festival of Legends, the realization of a life-long ambition. He is extremely grateful to everyone – our performers, our artists, our volunteers, and our patrons – who makes this dream a reality. He drinks a lot of coffee….a lot.


Evan Pic

Gremlin Wrangler (Technical Director): Evan Hisey has been working as a sound and stage tech since somewhere this side of the start of time. Raised in the historic Bama Theatre of Tuscaloosa, he’s been handling the microphone for bands, music for performers and lighting cues since he was three. Evan can be found at a myriad of events across the US, from conventions to festivals to traditional stage productions. In his free time he enjoys D&D, martial arts and woodworking.


Sarah Pic

Herald (Media Director): Sarah Eckerd has been a long-standing member of the convention and festival circuit in the South East. She is an artist, performer, author, and costumer native to North Carolina. She has been a fan of Festival of Legends for years and is committed to making it a wonderful place for fey and humans alike. Her favorite fairytale creatures are Red Caps, vampires, and werewolves.


Meg Barb Gabe PicGatekeepers (Admissions Directors): Meg and Barb are thrilled to be returning for their 5th year at Festival of Legends. They are deeply involved in events and festivals in the Steampunk, Faerie and Goth Industrial scenes. They are the Operations Co-Chairs for the Motor City Steam Con and the heads of the Court of the Nain Rouge in Detroit, MI. Their son, Gabriel, will be making his second appearance at FoL and will be assisting with the children’s activities and acting as an all around minion.



Fairy Foster Mother (Children’s Area Director): Emma Casale  has been a children’s bookseller, crafter, vendor, event organizer, teacher, writer, and nanny.  For 2 years she ran the children’s crafts booth at Spoutwood Fairie Festival in Pennsylvania.  She has an alter-ego as a fairy-breeding goblin and now owns a small store in Sheperdstown, WV, where she sells a little bit of everything and hosts monthly fairy tea parties for children of all ages.  She loves cats, children, fairies, tea parties, books, and monsters.



Warden (Grounds and Volunteer Crew Director): Melanie York is a school librarian in Gaston County by day and a thespian by night. She is the volunteer coordinator for this festival. She has also performed at several other festivals, sung with Carolina Voices in Charlotte, and acted in a multitude of plays. She can’t wait for this year’s Festival of Legends!




Hearth Tenders (Participant Hospitality Directors): Eric and Amber are professional pixies who work behind the scenes to help make awesome events happen around the Southeast. Eric is a hand drummer, healer, and taster of boozy concoctions, and Amber is a performer, herbalist, and makes lots of boozy concoctions from odd plants that grow in their yard (you can see recipes on pixiespocket.com). The Pixies love the Festival of Legends family and are happy to help make the performers, vendors, and guests cozy, happy, and well-fed.



Medi-Witch (First Aid): Liz is a pediatric registered nurse specializing in magical and non-magical maladies alike. She is certified in advanced life saving techniques for  humans, dragons, and all manner of fey.  She has performed at renaissance festivals across the Southeast and has great love and respect for the magic that Festival of Legends brings to everyone.



Medi-Witch (First Aid): Theresa, better known as our resident palm reader Madam Tess, has been with the Festival of Legends since its second year. She began her medical training in the Navy as a corpsman, and is currently a retired RN now teaching nursing in Virginia.