Directions & FAQ

Q: Where is the Festival of Legends?

A: The Festival of Legends is now at Optimist Farm, 2908 Optimist Farm Road, Apex, NC 27539.

Q: May I bring my pet(s) to the Festival?

A: Sorry, but pets are not permitted at the Festival of Legends. Service animals are, of course, always welcome.

Q: Do I have to come in costume?

A: Only if you want to – jeans and t-shirts are just as welcome as Renaissance garb, dragon costumes, fairy wings, Steampunk and Dr. Who cosplay (all of which we – and you – will see).

Q: Can I come armed to the event?

A: We would prefer no live-steel (ie sharpened blades). If you do bring a sword, ax, mace, tetsubo, atlatl, or what-have-you to the event, we require that it be peace-tied (bound with cord so that it cannot be easily drawn). This applies to anything that looks like a weapon, be it a prop or battle-ready.

Q: I bought a ticket / VIP package / camping package on-line; how do I get it?

A: All tickets and VIP packages can be collected at Will Call, which will be located next to the ticket booth, which is located next to the front gate. It will be a big castle – you can’t miss it.

Q: I live far away, but I really want to come; travel suggestions?

If you are looking to car pool, we suggest posting on our Festival of Legends Facebook Events Page and see if there are any Festival goers in your area. If you are looking for a convenient hotel, we recommend the Comfort Inn Apex:
1411 East Williams Street
Apex, NC 27539