Artists & Vendors

Our vendors are partners in bringing the whimsical and wonderful to you at The Festival of Legends.  All bring fine handcrafted or fair trade creations, and were selected to be part of this show because of their unique, high-quality artistic work.  We are honored to call them partners in this endeavor.

We are still accepting applications for the 2018 Festival of Legends. If you are interested in joining us in 2018, please complete this year’s Vendor Application here.

*We are no longer accepting applications for leather or bath/cosmetics vendors, or face painters/henna, for 2018* 

Vendor Rules

Questions? Email us at! Thank you!

Confirmed for 2018

In our Gazebo Pub:

Starrlight Mead

Clouds Brewing

In our Court of Food:Starrlight Pic


Queso Monster

Our Artists:

Scrolling FantasyWaterDragon2

Star of Eden

Burning Sphinx Studios ~ 2018 VIP Gift Contributor!

Cheeky Lather

Samhain Faerie Creations

Custom Creature Creations

Tiger Torre Art

The Dragonhold

©Paul Cory Photography

Glastonbury Designs & the Merry Mercer

Holly Fields of Gold

Art By Tom Derosier

Fairy Hair Flare

Stacy Lewis Studio

Magickal Things ~ 2018 VIP Gift Contributor!

Mythical Genetics

Shasta’s Treasures17390574_1759602517686737_4479210820307894409_o

Modern Goldfish ~ 2018 VIP Gift Contributor!

The Dragon Merchant